About Department of MECH

Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest, broadest and oldest engineering disciplines. It finds its application in every branch of industry including aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, building systems, energy, chemical and high-technology sectors. Because of the breadth of the field, there is always a steady demand for mechanical engineers who create the processes and systems that drive technology and industry.


To be acknowledged as a centre for education par excellence in the domain of Mechanical Engineering, moulding engineers who are knowledgeable, innovative and socially responsible, who will contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of human development.


  • To impart high quality education to the students so that they can enhance their knowledge and awareness of the technologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • To encourage the students to undertake projects that would improve their understanding and hone their innovative skills.
  • To impress upon the budding engineers the need for ethical guidelines and professionalism so that they can be responsible entrepreneurs and leaders in tomorrow’s challenging world.


The Department is backed by a number of well developed laboratories such as CAD CAM Lab with state of the art hardware and software. The department also has well established and 100% equipped basic laboratories such as Thermal Engineering Lab, Dynamics Lab, Metrology Lab and Heat Transfer Lab. The department also boasts a sprawling workshop comprising of Machine Shop, Foundry, Smithy, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, Welding, Fitting and Carpentry sections.

Industry Interactions

S No. Company Brand Logo Type Department MOU pdf
1 APT Training Solutions IT MECH Click Here
2 Aqua Pure Pvt Ltd CORE MECH Click Here
3 Gamma Process Hub ITES MECH Click Here
4 New Dolphin Machining Solutions CORE MECH Click Here
5 Ramsays Corporation CORE MECH Click Here
6 Ways Open Academy IT MECH Click Here