Information to Parents

Dear Parents,

In today’s world, an assured future requires a successful career which in turn is built on the college education and the first job. In PERI Institute of Technology, we pride ourselves on providing a composite experience that is uniquely geared towards providing the next generation with job ready skills. We have created a four pronged approach to help us achieve this goal.

The first is curriculum based learning, for which we have provided highly experienced teaching staff and the best laboratory facilities. Our staff, experienced in both research and industry, help provide our students with the best of both worlds.

The second is exposing students to the latest advances in technology via seminars, guest lectures and industrial visits. Many eminent researchers and professors have given guest lectures at PERI. Our industrial visits help expose students to the industrial applications of their particular fields to get them job ready.

The third is providing soft skills training and career counselling. The world is extremely competitive and good communication and presentation skills are essential to stand out. We train our students from the second year in soft skills to help them project a confident persona. We also provide counselling to the students to guide them on how best to develop their skills and choose a career of their interest.

The final part is providing 100% placement. Many top multinational companies have participated in our campus placements. PERI is one of the very select few institutions that have delivered on their promise of 100% placement.

We believe that our four part approach combining learning, skills training and 100% placement is the key to creating a confident, job-ready and technically skilled workforce. We further believe that a good college should provide both a great learning experience AND 100% placement. Many colleges are labouring hard to achieve it, but PERI has already delivered both.

Parents, your choice of college today will lay the foundation for the next generation. So, please make a conscious choice and think about learning experience AND placements in your search. We wish you the best of luck.