PERI IT boasts a vast library with over 10,000 books and monographs and scores of unique digital content including a portfolio of distinguished special collections. National and International journals - both current and back volumes - are available in print and digital form.

The library also provides access to hundreds of scholarly databases with the most comprehensive, specialized and up-to-date information on various technical topics. An audio-visual center with a large collection of educational videos has also been set up. Archives of digital and audio-visual content are maintained in CDs which are available on request. The library is currently in the process of digitizing unique materials and collections in order to make them available to users at all times.

The library also offers more than 10 high-end computer workstations for online research and team projects.

With thousands of visits and hundreds of unique visitors annually, the Library is one of the busiest buildings on PERI IT’s campus. The library is well served by experienced librarians who play an active role in educating faculty and students in how to make the best use of the library's resources. In addition to issuing books, they also help students and researchers identify appropriate materials in the Library’s holdings, in online sources and in other online libraries around the world.


The library is open from 8.30AM – 5PM from Monday through Saturday.
Please check with the librarian for holiday schedules.