B.Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Established in the year 2022, this program has been set up with the aim of delivering knowledge and innovation in the field of AI and DS. It offers knowledge for graduates to obtain meaningful insights from data. It strikes a balance between mathematical sciences, technology, and business based on core technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, statistics, and data modeling. The department provides skill-based education to master the students' problem-solving skills and enhance their expertise in the fields of AI and Data Science. The Department has laboratories equipped with the latest tools and technologies that help students gain a practical understanding of theoretical concepts. The ultimate goal of this program is to establish academic eminence in students with broad exposure to research and career opportunities.

Data / Information are pivotal facets of AI systems, but the application of Data science is not limited to AI systems alone. The Business Analytics sector, Health care sector, and sports sector use this expertise. As AI and DS are interdisciplinary technologies, we at PERI IT have set up an exclusive department for AI and DS in pursuit of research development and the enhancement of academic eminence in students.

Features of Curriculum

  • Project based learning and activity – based learning.
  • Lab integrated theory courses.
  • Industry oriented courses.
  • Provision for the student to undergo internship in industries.
  • Cutting edge technologies in the curriculum to meet the industry needs.
  • Design and model AI based solutions to critical problem domains in the real world.

We Have Collaborations With

  • Redhat Academy
  • Shan Software
  • Infycle Technologies
  • VEI Technologies
  • Edurekha