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November 30 2017

One day Seminar on Women Self Empowerment

    Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievements. A woman herself is a celebration! She believes and we live! If God has given her the power to make, he too has given her equal power to break; to break the boundaries she has been in for so many years.

    On celebrating the women’s pride, one day seminar on Women Self Empowerment has been arranged by Women Empowerment cell of PERIIT on 30th November 2017. Founder and MD of SEHPL (Santhosh Education and Health care pvt. ltd.,) Dr.Sharmila Anand was invited as speaker for the function. The participants were the girl students and women faculty members of PERI IT. The key message given by speaker is “how to face the society, being women how to say NO”.

    The speaker is admired by the enthusiastic response from the participants. The problems facing by adult female and resolving solutions are the theme of program.

    Function is organized by the coordinators of Women Empowerment cell, PERI IT, with the full support of management and principal.

    If women can take pain, abandon her own dreams for yours, she too can take on the challenge of the world to embark on the journey of taking up her own dreams. She is the faith, she is the power!! Women’s day is nothing but a way of honoring her power, her way of showing affection and love which could not have been in the caliber of human in any form, had women not been there.