March 13 2020


The Centre for Higher Studies (CHS) of PERI Institute of Technology organized an Orientation program on Higher Studies in Abroad on 13th of March, 2020 (Friday), at the Conference Hall from 2.30 pm-3.30pm.

The hall was filled with nearly 80 enthusiastic and excited students from the Civil, CSE, ECE, EEE and Mechanical Engineering departments who are interested in pursuing their higher studies in reputed institutions outside India and are awaiting guidance and support from some experienced professionals. To mark a beginning of this support this session was organized by the CHS.

The session began with a welcome speech by the Mr.B.Magesh, Vice Principal, Peri Institute of Technology. He introduced the speaker to the audience.

Welcome speech by Mr.B.Magesh, Vice Principal

The speaker of this program was Dr.Ilaya Bharathi, CEO, Go Ireland. The presenter who himself is a source of motivation to students gave encouraging examples from his own life and inspired students to be a self-motivator. With such a beginning with motivational words, he discussed the aspect of higher studies in abroad.

He sectioned his speech on quite a few topics that students generally are anxious about. He explained in clear about the need for studying abroad, who can afford the opportunity, how to choose the country among so many available choices, the ways and the reason to choose the appropriate institution and course and the need to understand the cultural adapting.

He also quoted that it is important to consider financial arrangements required as a preparatory necessity.

He ended his speech saying, the students develop a better perspective on world affairs through international study and understand the depth and breadth of differences that abound in global community and this personal development broadens the student’s chances in the future. The speaker answered all the queries raised by few students.

Two students acknowledged his speech with their comments as feedback. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by the coordinator of CHS Ms.S.Vinitha, Assistant Professor, CSE. The higher studies abroad will help to broaden the chances to get a good job. The session was indeed an eye-opening one for the gathered students towards building their career.