December 23 to 29 2019



Under the guidance of unit chairman and programming officer, We adopted salavakkam village, uthiramerur taluk, kancheepuram district, tamilnadu.

DAY 1:

  • The camp started with the identification of problems in the adopted village and conducted an overall survey in the locality.
  • The major problem faced by them are improper open water bodies, improper garbage disposal in households, lack of plastic disposal awareness, and unrepaired roads.
  • Done the work of cleaning and repairing of halt place.

DAY 2:

  • The camp focused mainly on general medical check-up and eye check-up which is known as basic need for the rural people.
  • The check-up camp started with a warm welcome to the doctors and village president.
  • NSS-PERIIT and kalyani speciality clinic,vadapalani organized the free general medical camp. special treatment done by the doctors for the better health of the old age peoples.
  • Similarly, a free eye check-up camp was done by Aggarwal eye hospital, tambaram.
  • The attended people was satisfied with the service provided by us.

DAY 3:

  • The main problem faced by the villagers improper disposal of household and domestic wastages which are directly disposed to public premises and nearby open water sources.
  • We planned a detailed schedule to remove the vast garbage which was irregularly dumped.
  • The unrecyclable waste are burned and used in other ways as source.
  • Prosopis juliflora tree which is know to absorb underground water and moisture from the air, are removed and used for various aspects.

DAY 4:

  • Water scarcity has been the main problem in last decades, so we took steps to clean the open water bodies.
  • Mainly concentrated on ponds and streams of water, we had put our hands together to remove the weeds over the water and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  • And mainly the over flow of garbage waste over the water are cleaned and disposed properly.
  • Over the village we observed the water and done the work to safe guard and clean them.

DAY 5:

  • Wide varieties of plant and tree saplings are distributed and planted over the surroundings.
  • Due to lack of afforestation and usage of fire wood decreased the count of trees over there.
  • The saplings of neem and other herbal are freely distributed among the villagers and few are planted near the slopes of the village to avoid soil erosion.
  • Villagers grounded the saplings and started the work to maintain its growth.

DAY 6:

  • Due to lack of awareness of govt. schemes and job opportunities many people are unemployed and lack of health of health awareness.
  • We had organized a rally to create awareness and make people understand the need and importance of various aspects.
  • Locality people also supported us by spending their valuable time to listen regarding the rally.
  • Various awareness like hazardous impact of dengue and its breeding, govt. schemes like DDU GKY, PMKY etc…

DAY 7:

  • Plastic are been a challenge to us in disposal and recycling.
  • Due to poor facilities of disposal they dumped them on the roads and few buried themin grounds.
  • We took a step to segregate these type of waste and spread awareness not to burn them in open space.
  • They are simply dumped on road sides, public premises and nearby water bodies or else simply burnt.
  • All the plastics are collected at a spot and moved on to the process of recycling and asked not to use plastics under 50 microns.


  • The camp could manage to over come the problems at the village.
  • The major problems of water and pollution are controlled to a extent and made an practice to them
  • School and middle age childrens are given a practice of sports along with their academics. Control of school drop outs are seen.
  • The villagers are satisfied with the service provided to them.
  • The camp concluded with the overall ensurance of the program done in the adopted region.