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B.A Criminology & Police Administration

B.A Criminology & Police Administration

This department Criminology and Police administration offers a three year degree programme aiming to provide candidates the knowledge and understanding pertaining to every nuance of criminology, which combines the principles of sociology, law and psychology to prepare students to deal with criminals and to understand the justice system. This programme involves the study of crime, the reason which works behind the case, cause of crime, crime statistics, prevention of crime, criminal behaviour, evaluation of criminal justice agencies, penology, criminal career and desistance of law. This course provides the ability to predict the case and to solve complicated crime situations. In addition to all the above mentioned objectives, it intends to teach the knowledge of computers and internet which is necessary nowadays. It also focusses on good public speaking skills and research skills as well. It is very proud to inform that the department creates a professionals such as police force, scientist, research assistant, criminologist, forensic scientist and an investigator in the field of criminology.

The department is equipped with experienced faculty members who have expertise in various areas of economics.

Eligibility: Applicants who have cleared higher secondary examination (Academic or Vocational Stream)

CBCS Syllabus: PERI College follows the University of Madras syllabus for affiliated colleges.


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