July 1 2017

CAMPUS CHRONICLES – Department of Electronics and communication – Newsletter – Issue 1

    PERI IT Electronics and communication department initiates the idea of bringing in the collective thoughts and latest updates as a newsletter. In effort to that students, staffs and HoD of Electronics and communication department put in their collective efforts to release CAMPUS CHRONICLES – Newsletter – Issue 1.

    CAMPUS CHRONICLES – ECE Department newsletter has been released during the ECE Department Association – PEACE by chief guest Mr.BALAJI RAMAN, Chief Technology Officer, CLASSLE KNOWLEDGE PVT. LTD., Chennai. A copy of newsletter has been presented to the chief guest Mr.BALAJI RAMAN, our Principal Dr. PALSON KENNEDY, HoD – ECE Mrs. JASMINE JENI P.R

    Click here to download CAMPUS CHRONICLES



    Dr.P.R.Jasmine Jeni M.E,Ph.D
    Head of the Department,ECE
    Mr.Kannadasan M.E
    Assistant Professor,ECE


    Rishi Gopalan, III Year ECE
    Soumya Anand III Year ECE
    Venkatesh Prasad III Year ECE