About Science & Humanities

Engineering is the application of science in the real world and like any other branch of study it requires a strong foundation in basic Science & Humanities. The department of Science & Humanities plays a unique role in an institute, where the ethos of Science & Technology prevails. It is believed that engineering & Science are, by their nature, humanistic and socially derived subjects. The department provides valuable inputs on the engineering disciplines, professional ethics, and skill developments like sharpening analytical and practical reasoning, problem solving and communicating.

The Department of Science & Humanities in our college has four disciplines, namely Physics, English, Mathematics and Chemistry. It consists of dedicated and spirited staff members who are always involved in enhancing the advanced knowledge and skills. They impart these skills to the students and prepare them to meet the growing challenges of the industry.


The prime focus of our department is to enhance the students to extend and strengthen the ability to develop and sustain the transformative system to create future leaders. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department has produced and trying to produce quality professionals, holding important positions in Information Technology industry. On keeping with

the spirit of the rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department stresses on nurturing the talent of students for top industries across the globe, for pursuing higher studies and R & D in National and International Universities. Students can show off their technical talents and team works through various events organized by the students clubs SPINAETOS, IoT Club and CSI Student Chapter.

Vision & Mission

  • To achieve high ethical and professional standards through effective teaching-learning processes.
  • To provide infrastructure for Research and Development activities.
  • To offer Consultancy services for the industry.


1 Dr. S. Majella Jenvi Ignita Professor Mathematics
2 Dr. S. Neeraja Professor Mathematics
3 Mr.T.Sundaresan Associate professor Mathematics
4 Ms.M.Lakshmi Priya Associate professor Mathematics
5 Mr.M.Ramesh Associate Professor Mathematics
6 Ms.S.Mayuri Assistant Professor Mathematics
7 Ms. M.Aruna Devi Assistant Professor Mathematics
8 Ms.K.Deepika Assistant Professor Mathematics
9 Dr.K.S.Venkatesh Assistant Professor Physics
10 Ms. P.Yogarani Assistant Professor Physics
11 Mr.G.Pugazhgowrishanka Assistant Professor Physics
12 Dr.R. Ramya Assistant Professor Chemistry
13 Mr. T.N. Balaji Assistant Professor Chemistry
14 Ms.S.Kalaivani Assistant Professor Chemistry
15 Ms.P.Prasanna Devi Assistant Professor Chemistry
16 Ms.C.N.Vidhya Lakshmi Assistant Professor English
17 Ms.R.Pooja Assistant Professor English
18 Ms.G.Malathy Assistant Professor English
19 Ms. V. Jeeva Assistant Professor English
20 Dr.R.M.Sathyamoorthy Associate Professor General Engineering/Mechanical
21 Dr.P.Yamuna Associate Professor General Engineering/EEE
22 Mr.Anil Kumar Assistant Professor General Engineering/Mechanical