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A Report on Inauguration of PERI PEGASUS - English Literary Association

PERI College of arts and science invited Mr.S.Armstrong, Head, Dept. of English, University of Madras, Chennai to inaugurate PERI PEGASUS- English Literary Association on 10 December 2019. The session started with the invocation to Tamil and lighting the Kuthuvizhakku. Ms.R.M. Janani, Assistant professor of English, welcomed the gathering . The Principal, Dr.A.Gunasekaran delivered his presidential address and felicitated the guest with a memento. Ms.P.Amanta and Ms.R.M.Janani, Assistant professor of English, introduced the association office bearers:

Ms. S.Sri Varsha as President, Mr. C.Buvaneshwaran as Vice President, Ms. A.Sana Farheen as Secretary and Mr. G.J.Vino as Joint Secretary. The office bearers introduced themselves. Then, Ms.A.Sana Farheen, Joint Secretary, PERI PEGASUS introduced the chief guest.

Following this, the chief guest took over the session. He started his inaugural address listing out the three ways of learning English. He asserted English as a link language which facilitates students’ professional life. He then explained the significance of the basic skills of English: LSRW(Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

Ms. P.Amanta, Assistant professor of English, explained the name of the association, PERI PEGASUS and delivered the Vote of thanks. The session culminated with the National Anthem.

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