July 10 2018

A place of Innovation

Organized by ROBO CLUB, Associated with PERI Association of Communication Engineers (PEACE), Arranged by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Held on 10th July, 2018, at RF Microwave Engineering Laboratory


About the Project Exhibition:

The ROBO Club is associated with PERI Association of Communication Engineering (PEACE) was organized a ROBOFEST (Intra-Department Aerial Robotics Competition) by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering for ECE students held on 10.07.2018 at PERI Institute of Technology. The ROBO Club volunteers have identified interested students from pre-final and second year. Before the student selection, members of the ROBO Club have given a seminar on Recent Innovation Areas of Robotics topic. Based on that, students have selected the Project area of their interest and also given two days to exhibit their project. Nearly, 35 students participated and they were separated into many groups and each group contains 4 to 5 members.


The idea of this event is to bring out the students' creativity, innovation and development toward the society grows in the field of Robotics and Communication. This is a way to motivate and encourage students to develop their academic profile which will endeavours career.

Words from HOD:

On behalf of Head and member of ROBO Club, the ROBOFEST was completed in grand success. My sincere gratitude to ROBO Club volunteers of their hard work and shown good enthusiasm towards the project exhibition. All the participated students had presented their work effectively. Such kind of events motivates the students to learn by self-experience and do some innovative work. The ROBOFEST was viewed by the Principal, Head of the department and the department staff members. It has generated a high degree of excitement among the students and staff members. The students were motivated by the appreciation of the staffs and video graphed by a final year student. According to the student level, the project areas are given. Such that, the second year students were given simple projects using sensors, breadboards, LDR and Transistors. The pre-final and final year students were given projects using Arduino. Once again, the ROBOFEST was a grand success with the support of our faculty members.

The projects exhibited by the students are

  • LED push button & LCD display
  • Darkness detector using LDR
  • Speed control of DC motor
  • Automatic Street light
  • Touch sensor
  • Fire alarm & Rain alarm
  • Remote controlled Wi-Fi producer
  • Line follower
  • Scrolling text using 8X8 matrix

Prize award was given to the best team. The first prize was won by final year students R. Stephen and G. Sivakumar for the project scrolling text using 8X8 matrix. The second prize was won by second year students J. Kanickai Raj, A.S Keerthiraj and J. Kumaran for the project Line follower.

First prize Cash Award won by the Final Year Students for “Scrolling text using 8x8 LED Matrix”

Second prize Cash Award won by the Second Year Students for “Line Follower”

The participants (Gifted and Talented Students of ECE department).

Dr. P. R. Jasmin Jeni, Head of the Department has reviewed the one of the participated project during ROBO Club Project Exhibition.


1. Darkness detector using LDR
1. Aileen Mercybell
2. L. Keerthana
3. V. M. Rupa Sri
4. V. Selva Dharshini
2. Speed Control DC motor using a potentiometer
1. K. Kalavani
2. R. Lakshmi Aishwarya
3. N. Mohana
4. V. Sucharitha
3. Automatic Street light using LDR
1. S. Manibharathi
2. D. Santhana karthick
3. A. Vignesh
4. P. Vignesh
4. Touch Sensor, Fire alarm, Rain alarm
1. S. Aakash
2. A. Abdulla
3. P. Madhan Raj
4. S. Sivakumar
5. S. Sanjay
5. Blue tooth control car using Arduino
1. S. Gubendran
2. V. Dinesh
3. R. Barath Balaji
4. S. Aakash raj
6. Line follower
1. J. Kanickai raj
2. A.S Keerthiraj
3. J. Kumaran
7. Scrolling text using 8*8 matrix
1. G. Sivakumar
2. R. Stephen
8. Tilt sensor
1. Vinodha
9. LED Push Button
1. T. Charumathi
2. P. Keerthika
3. K. Deepthi
4. S. Jayashree
5. A. Anees Fathima