July 5 2018

Training on Proteus Design Suite Software

The training class was held on 5/7/2018 by Mr. Asborn, M.E./KCG college of technology in two sessions. Morning session was an introductory session on embedded. Afternoon the students practically worked on the Proteus software.

In the morning session the students were taught the basics of embedded systems, about why we prefer embedded systems and technology, what are the real-time applications and advantages of embedded systems. He explained the difference between a microprocessor & microcontroller. In addition to that, the students learn about various generations and classifications of Microcontrollers. Then he clearly explained the differences between 8051 & PIC controllers and it was further explained briefly about the architecture like Von Neumann, Harvard, CISC and RISC architectures. He was very interactive, he raised many questions with the students and his lecture was crystal clear.

Then the afternoon session was held in the network lab. The students were given insight knowledge on Proteus software and MPLAB – X IDE software. It is effective to do the prototype in Proteus before doing the project in hardware. The students wrote modular programs like blinking led using PIC16F877a and executed them successfully.