August 23 2018


Peri students S. Jeevesh, R.Dinesh, S.Raj, P.S. Rithik, M.Gunasekar and G.Hemnath belonging to III year Mechanical department, have created a bike which has a total length of 6.8m, height 1.2 m and seating capacity of 15 persons. This bike runs on an IC engine as well as electric power.

This bike has is a four stroke engine, volume of 105cc and 11 Horse Power driving the rear wheel. The motorbike features also include a hub motor of 2Hp (1200 watts) driving the front wheel. They have created a new Asian Record and won recognition in Asia Book of Records. This project was done with the guidance of Dr Sundarapandi of Nicola Educational and Research Institute. They also have future projects such as to achieve super Mileage and Super Speed Electric Bike (Grand Touring).