June 11,15 2018

In plant training Report Chennai Port Trust

One of the prime focuses of Department of Civil Engineering is enhancing the technical skill set of the students by Acquiring practical knowledge through industrial trainings and visit. We always thrive to accommodate the versatile functioning of Civil Engineering. As a part of these students have been encouraged to visit various functioning areas of Civil engineering such us Metro rail airport, harbors and other construction sites. One such visit has been arranged and six of our students were attending the training at the Chennai port Trust from June 11 th to June 15 th 2018.

Chennai port is situated on the Coromandel Coast in South-East India, the port of Chennai has more than 100 years of tradition. Strategically located and well connected with major parts of the world, it is today the hub port on the Indian subcontinent.

Day 1:

The Students were reported to project design office at 9.45 am and Mrs. Jayalakshmi (Assistant Executive Engineer) explained about the operations of project design. Also, she presented about the natural harbors like Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam out of 12 major ports and the difference between them. She explained about docks, berth, fenders, breakwater, bollards, groynes, tetrapod’s, rubbles and their functions.

DAY 2:

The Students were reported to Railway division at 7.30 am and Mr. George (Assistant Executive Engineer) explained the construction of rail tracks and other ongoing projects like expanding railway track network in yards and replacing the old rails and sleepers.

Day: 3

The Students were reported to the Environmental Cell of Chennai Port trust at 9.30 am and Mr. Saravanan (Assistant Executive Engineer) history, concepts and functions of Environmental Cell. In Environmental Cell, they will monitor the ambient air quality, potable water quality, marine water quality, noise level, wind speed and temperature.

DAY 4:

The Students were reported to EX (C) P1 by 9.00 am and Mr. Sekar (Assistant Executive Engineer), who took us to the site inside the harbor and showed us the plan of costal berth construction and explained the concepts and work behind it.

The students were permitted to enter the Site observed the pile construction in sea water, reinforcement details of piles, the method of pile driving, auger boring, in-situ beams.

DAY: 5

The Students were reported to Northern division at 9.00 am and Mr.Gunasekaran (Assistant executive engineer), who took them to the site and explained about the oil docks and its transportation and how it is stored and collected by the owners.

As it is on the north side, it is named as northern division here the loading and unloading of oil and fuels are carried on.

Student Corner

This in-plant training gives us more practical knowledge about tender works, working with harbor departments, construction of berths, storage yards, railway lines and other civil engineering on-site encounters with practical difficulties.

We also obtained knowledge about the heavy equipment’s used for construction, method of constructing piles in sea water.

We had an exposure to real time works and advanced methodologies and equipment’s used for construction.

We had a good experience in Chennai port trust which was committed to efficiency through innovation, the four cornerstones of the port will see much growth in the years to come. Continuous modernization, efficient services at minimum cost, simple and integrated procedures, and user-friendly approach.

Thus, this training was very helpful for us to get practical knowledge & field experience and we sincerely thank Head of the Department of civil engineering -Peri institute of technology for giving permission to the training and for supporting us.

N. Boomiga, M. Dinesh, C. S. Jaya, S. Kamesh, R, Lokesh & R. Ramu