February 8 2018


On February 8th 2018, the EMBEDDED SYSTEMS workshop was conducted on ARDUINO & RASPBERRY PI by scube techno academy.

Embedded system is a system that performs a dedicated task. Artificial intelligence and Robotics is the future of the world and hence this workshop was organized by ECE department for the benefit of students.

Arduino is an open source platform used for engineer’s creativity purpose. Various programs can be done with the help of this controller. ECE department aims at giving more knowledge to the students apart from their textbooks and hence such an idea was implemented by the department head.

The ENTIRE workshop was based on the basics of Arduino & Raspberry Pi. The workshop hands on was done with ARDUINO NANO KIT. The students learnt about the serial and parallel communication of Arduino. Using Arduino NANO, the participants also learnt how to blink LED, switch ON and OFF the LED using 4 port Switches and to increase and decrease the brightness of the LED using POTENTIOMETER.

The participants learnt about Arduino, how to give the connections and also got an idea about various pins in different Arduino kits. Finally, the presentation about Arduino and Raspberry pi was very informative. The participants discussed about Arduino & Raspberry Pi to the trainers and cleared their doubts. The basics of Arduino programming was also taught to the participants.

Certificates were distributed to the students by the head of the department.