December 22 2016


ECE Department of PERI IT, in association with PEACE (Peri Association for Communication Engineers) organized a seminar on “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT” on 22/12/16. The guest of honor is Mr. V.Prasanna Venkatesan, who is an international success coach. He is coaching Individuals and business units in India and abroad for their personal and professional success. He is also an author and has written 8 books in Tamil. He has many professional certifications as well. It is to enhance one’s personality and how to reach your goals successfully. The seminar helped us to differentiate between inspiration and role models. He motivated us to make one thing our goal and strive to achieve it without any distractions. The mantra he gave us was, LIC – LEARN, IMPLEMENT and CHALLENGE yourselves and OM OM that is “one more, once more.” He also put forth the phrase, “what next, what best and what else.” He also asked us to think out of the box and demonstrated it by asking students to volunteer for ‘T’ game where he further cut a paper in four parts which was in T shape and asked to arrange it into its original shape. He also stressed the importance of time management by asking us to watch knowledgeable facts rather than entertainment films. He also gave many examples of great people who thought out of the box and used every opportunities and their time efficiently.

A wonderful definition on luck was given. Luck is a point between alertness and opportunity. By following these traits, we can bridge the gap between the worlds of ordinary people and enter into the world of great people. “Take a single decision and make it your life’s goal” was also stressed in the seminar. He also asked us to always raise high above. This seminar motivated us more and helped us to prioritize our lives.

“Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence” – summarizes this seminar precisely. Like the first rain that helps a seed to blossom into a sapling, Mr.V.Prasanna Venkatesan nourished and enlightened our soul with the rain of his words.