July 19 2018

CSE- Industrial visits to Eye Open Technologies

An Industrial visit was organized by the department of computer science for the higher semester students (II year and III year) to Eye Open Technologies dated on 18th & 19th July 2018. The purpose of the visit to the organization was to enhance the knowledge of the students in the emerging technologies and trends.

The students were accompanied with Ms.Renuka, Ms.Ranganayagi, and Mr. Richard of computer science department and Ms.Tamizmozhi from S & H who actively participated in the visit.

Mr.Shan and Mr.Praveen Kumar, Founder & CEO, Eye open technologies, Chennai was the resource person for the day.

Day 1:

Mobile application development lab was scheduled for II year and III year computer science students for giving an overview of computer technologies in the field of Web based applications. For this purpose, Mr. Shan, CEO from eye open technologies gave a presentation about their organization and subsequently about web based applications like Note JS, Angular 2, Angular 4, MySQl, PHP, JSP, .NET, HTML (XHTML, HTML 5.0).

Day 2:

The students reported to IOT lab and Mr.praveen kumar explained about the key component of the emerging Mobile IoT ecosystem and its tools

The session was held with the intent of enlightening the students about their career opportunities, recent trends and emerging technologies in Mobile based application. He addressed about his career and growth also he took efforts to achieve success in life.

He enlightened and guided the students in various career aspects through which the students can aspire and initiate their career. A brief idea was given about the recent trends and emerging technologies in various types of applications like Web based, Desktop, Console, Mobile based etc.

A demo session on “Android” was organized with the aim of introducing students to the career opportunities in the field of developing apps and gaming through android.

The presentation and interaction of the speaker were very effective, wherein he showed many related visuals and live presentation using various websites including their own personal websites and also spoke about mobile based application and its types. The students interacted enthusiastically and the resource person answered their queries and cleared their doubts.

The session was enriching, enthralling and energizing. They gained a clear view on employment opportunities, in computer science especially in Government and IT Sectors.