August 23 2018

Guest Lecture on "Career Guidance & Future Prospects”

A Guest lecture on “Career Guidance and Future Prospects in Computer Science” was organized on 23rd August 2018 by the Department of Computer Science, Peri Institute of Technology, for Second Year Computer Science students

Mr.N.C.Balachandran, Director-Career development & placement(Rtd) was the resource person.

The session was held with the intent of enlightening Computer Science students about career opportunities and future prospectus. He also spoke about his own career and how he took efforts for success in his life. He enlightened and guided the students of Computer Science in various career aspects where the students can aspire and initiate their career.

The objective of this guest lecture is to create awareness among the students with the steps for success in interviews and also about job opportunities. The Program was started with invocation followed by brief introduction about the resource person.

The session started with the key points for preparation to a successful interview and practice. The primary agenda on what the lecture delivery was focused on how to get oneself prepared for an interview. The basic key for any successful outcome in an interview is self evaluation followed by a good attire. A fundamental knowledge and research about the organization is mandatory. The decorum to be followed during an interview should be maintained such as body language, smile and the way to present oneself.

The presentation and interaction of the speaker was very efficient, wherein he spoked about various job opportunities in IT field. The students interacted enthusiastically and the resource person reviewed their queries and cleared their doubts and also learned tricks related to strategy to be followed before interview and after the interview. The students left the hall with a sense of pride and knowledge knowing what they needed to fulfill their career Objectives and with a clear view on employment opportunities in computer science especially in Government and IT Sectors.