October 18 2018


Survey camp was conducted for the students of III Year Civil Engineering students about a period of 3 days from 18.10.18 to 20.10.18. Various experiments were conducted pertaining to the syllabus as per Anna University Regulation 2013 and the students were benefitted by conducting experiments.

Implementation of the knowledge obtained through the curriculum by studying various topics were done by carrying out the experiments in real-time scenario.

The theoretical background, methods of carrying out the experiments and its practical applications in field using Total station was rendered and delivered to the students by trained professionals from ALG Institute of Technology who graciously accepted our request to teach our students in this regard.

Day 1:

The introduction on ALG International Institute of technology and their services were briefly given to the students by Mr. G. Christyan and Mr. D. David Blessington. The session included paper presentation about Surveying and Equipments.

Prologue on Total station survey about its parts, functions and operations were dealt during the session which included details about Total station instrument setup and levelling, plotting the points on the surface by individual and team, capturing the prismatic level points these are the practices done on this day.

Day 2:

Crosssection and longitudinal section on ground surface were conducted.

Calculation of area by triangulation method and find out the Stake out points in the field (missing points) were done.

Day 3:

Fly leveling and Grid countering session and importing and exporting the points from total station to computer software (AutoCAD) were discussed during third day of survey camp.

Calculating the height of the building and offset marking with basic column markings were the key points pondered through this experiment.

On behalf of the students and staff members of Civil Department,we hereby extend our sincere gratitude to the management, our COO, the Principal of our Institution for giving us the opportunity to conduct the survey camp in our college premises.

We extend our immense gratitude to our beloved Head of the Department, Mr. B. Magesh, for accepting our request and granting us the permission to conduct the camp during the requested period.