September 9 2018


On 9th September, 2018 our PERI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY celebrated its 9th Induction Day function in a grand manner. The program commenced with the invocation ‘ Thamilthai Vazhthu’ at 3 PM in the afternoon. Next it was followed by lighting the Kuthuvelakku by the chief guest Mr. S .Rathinavel Rajan, Head – HR. Ball Beverage packaging, Mr. Sankar Sundaralingam Head HR, BSH Home appliances, principal, I year HOD, and a parent. Next Dr. R. Palson Kennedy, Principal welcomed the new I year students and their parents. In his welcome address, he advised the students to work hard till achieve their goal in their life and not to join with the students those who misdirect. Try to be obedient and loyal to the parents, professors and elders.

Then principal honored the chief guest & guest of honor who were here in the midst of their busy schedule. Mr.P.chandru, Associate- professor of English Department introduced the chief guest Mr.S.Rathinavel Rajan, Head-HR, Ball Beverage packaging. He said that Mr. Rathinavel Rajan was a versatile HR professional and he had 19 years experience which made him to receive many awards in his field.

Mr. Rathinavel Rajan gave his inaugural address. He advised the students to go in the right way to make the life success. He advised the students by expanding PERI as

P- for Preparation
E- for Exploration
R- for Retraction
I – for Innovation

Preparation is must for the students to improve their four skills in communication so that they will be placed in reputed companies.

Exploration: students should search an unfamiliar area that should bring them a versatile knowledge to stand in their field.

Retraction- students should not stop what they have studied, but they go deep to find more than what they have prepared in a particular field.

Innovation – innovation should be the part and parcel of every student they must be creative and they have to wander for in searching beyond the existence things like Christopher Columbus.

Thus he gave a wonderful inaugural speech.

Then Mrs. Dorathy introduced the another chief guest Mr. Sankar sundaralingam, Head and HR BSH home appliances, she said Sankar sundaralingam was associated with HR Forums. He is the join secretary of CHROME ( Chennai Human resources officers and managers affinity. He is member in NIPM, Chennai chapter and cofounder and trustee of Oorni foundation.

Mr. Sankar Sundaralingam in his facilitation address he expanded the phrase HANDS UP as not to be Heavy with anyone but be with soft for making the life joyful. Attitude is very important for students because right attitude only will make students to stand on the right stage. Students should Never give up their aim not for silly reasons, but for keeping up their entire concept in the right direction is important for them. Every student must have Dream to achieve their goal in the future. Success is important in every man’s life it. It only leads them to lead an honest life. Students should Unlock their Potentiality openly for the benefit of the society.

Next Mr. M.S.Ganesh Ramanujam was called upon to read the annual placement report. He said elaborately about the placement orders issued to the students of PERI.

Mr. B Magesh, Head, Civil and First Year department was invited to a special address. He said that parents, student and faculty members should involve in molding the student life.

Then HODs of CSE, ECE, EEE, CIVIL AND MECH were introduced on the Dias.

Next a parent of free seat student addressed the gathering and said about how the success is important for the students. And he thanked the management for giving a free sports quota seat to her daughter. Next a student addressed that every student should understand their strength to achieve in life. Mrs. Nirmalabai, associate professor Physics dept gave the vote of thanks. She thanked the chairman, Coo, principal, chief guests, Guest of Honor , HODs, faculty members, parents and students.

The program ended with the national anthem in a grand manner